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​We work along side Vertu JLR Exeter, where we are responsible for ensuring their Gtechniq vehicles leave the showroom in pristine condition. Unlike other in-house dealership detailers, we assess any existing paintwork issues before applying ceramic coatings and other surface protection products. We also offer bespoke services that are based on each client’s priorities, to ensure they are getting the level of finish and protection needed for their new car.


Vertu JLR Exeter provide their customers with a choice of two different surface protection packages which is applied after a 1-2 day enhancement of the vehicles paintwork. After 20+ years, Gtechniq have used their knowledge and experience to create the dealership range Platinum and Platinum Plus.

This level of preparation along with the application of the Gtechniq coatings, means Vertu JLR customers are blown away when they collect their new 

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