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Suds Law was founded by Kevin Manger back in 2012, but the story began much earlier. Kevin’s passion for valeting started at the age of fifteen, when he became just a little obsessed with the appearance of his first car. After years of developing his skills, he decided to make detailing his career.
Since then, Kevin has built a foundation of knowledge and passion to always be on the look out for the very best in detailing, honing his craft along the way to become on of the southwest’s most sought-after detailers. In 2019 he became a Gtechniq-accredited detailer, one of only a handful in the southwest, and a position which is only held by the most meticulous detailers in the country.
Suds Law announced their partnership with Porsche Exeter in 2019, which gives them the sole responsibility for detailing the cars in the Porsche showroom, ready to be taken home by their lucky new owners. This partnership is very much a testament to the Suds team’s passion for, and experience in, working with high-end, luxury cars. Since then, we have added Vertu JLR Exeter, VWCV Exeter and Ferrari to our list of regular dealership customers. They see the benefit of high end detailers working directly with prestigious dealerships.
Of course, Kevin is not the only one keeping Suds on the road. In 2018, Kevin’s wife Taryn joined the team as a director, truly making Suds Law a family business. She handles everything from client management and acquisition to book-keeping and social media.


Kevin Manger detailer at Suds Law


Car-fanatic Kevin set up Suds Law in 2012, starting as a part-time mobile valeter. He is a proud GTechniq-accredited and IDA CD & SV detailer, who specialises in surface protection, detailing and paint correction, with a great family business in Suds Law. He is also a proud father of two.

Taryn Manger owner of Suds Law


After eighteen years working in sales, Taryn decided to take time off to start a family with Kevin. She became  a director of Suds Law in 2019, and balances work life with the challenging role of raising two children. Her role within Suds consists of Customer Service, Sales and keeping the boys on track! 

Tony Ellis senior detailer at Suds Law


Meet Tony. Tony is our Senior Detailer. Tony has worked with us since 2019. His passion for cars and detailing has made him a vital part of the Suds team with tons of experience under his belt. He now sits aside Kevin as a Gtechniq Accredited Detailer after attending the course at Gtechniq HO in October 2021. 



Meet Jamie. Jamie joined our team in early 2023. Jamie previously worked for a dealership as a head valeter. He wanted to spread his wings into the detailing world.  Jamie is going through training and is not far away from becoming a Gtechniq Accredited Detailer.  

This guy is a great addition to the growing Suds Team. His organisation and attention to detail will take him far. Watch this space.....

Photoshoot at Suds Law Exeter


Although a separate entity, we work very closely with Gtechniq. Not only do they supply Suds with preservation packages and coatings, they also provide training, support and knowledge. We class them as part of our team at Suds Law.

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