About Us

Suds Law Services

At Suds Law we offer a wide range of Cleaning, Detailing, Surface Protection & P​aint Correction for your vehicle. We have a purpose built unit and comfortable waiting area so you can enjoy your Suds experience.

At Suds Law, we offer a wide range of services, whether it’s for personal use to look after your pride and joy, or for business customers looking after one of the tools of their trade. If you would like a one-off interior or exterior clean or require a more regular service, we can help.

Wheel Refurbishment
Whether you have a slight kerb on your wheel, or you want a full colour change we can tailor the quote to your needs. A customised colour and finish can be used to change the look of your car making it truly unique. This is becoming much more popular. It can really alter the look of the car without breaking the bank.
"Love what you do and you will do it well. I love taking a vehicle and making it look better than it ever has"
Kevin Manger - Owner and Detailer
Meet The Team
  1. Kevin Manger
    Car Fanatic who decided to set up Suds Law in 2014 as a part time mobile valeter. Now proud to say an Accredited GTechniq Detailer who specialises in Surface Protection, Detailing and Paint Correction with a great full time business Suds Law Ltd
  2. Taryn Manger
    With 18 years of sales experience under her belt, Taryn decided to take time off to start a family. With 2 kids under 2, she is now a mum, P.A to Mr Suds, Tea Maker, Office Person and Sales Person. Basically the one who is running the show..... ;-)