29th March 2017
Show season is fast approaching and the boys at "Suds Law" have been busy for the last month working on Scoobz. We had a plan of what we were gonna do for the 2017 show season... that plan was thrown out of the window and the boys came up with some ideas that have blown me away. I went to have a look at the progress earlier today before I get her back at the weekend and I haven't stopped smiling since.. my intention is to keep it all secret until our club monthly meet next weekend at scoobybits, where the photos will be put up here for all to see....

30th March 2017
Had a nice suprise today... got a phone call from the boys at suds to say they had finished a day early.
Roof, wheels, grille and side skirt extensions plus interior centre console is now in black java pearl so when the sun hits it the gold sparkle pops. De spoilered. De tangod. And a few little extras.. few more details over the next month and we are all ready for the shows. Massive thanks to Kevin and Matt at Suds law for all there hard work. I haven't stopped smiling!

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Subaru Impreza WRX

Jason Hannaford from Bude in Cornwall is the proud owner of this gorgeous Subaru Impreza WRX. With the fitting number plate JA53 TOY, it is his pride and joy. After years of looking after this car with valets and paint protection services, the boys at Suds Law were over the moon when they got a visit from Jason in early January 2017, when he called by to discuss some changes he wanted to make to his Subaru.

Jason wanted to make the car stand out, so wanted the wheels painted white and a metal flake roof.  Kevin and Matt's minds started turning over with different ideas for the car. To keep in with the Subaru colour scheme knowing these colours worked well together, they gave Jason a few of their ideas.

The boys were over the moon when he agreed to their ideas, so they set to work. They removed the spoiler and flushed the whole boot giving it a sleek endless finish. Painted the wheels in a black java pearl to match in with the roof, side skirts, bonnet scoop and wing mirror frames. They then fitted rear bumper spats, modified the rear arches so they are now flush fitting with the spats. Rear defuser modified and fitted, front splitter painted and rear light tint was done.

Jason was over the moon with the outcome. Another happy customer for Suds Law
  1. Spoiler removed
    Spoiler removed
  2. Bonnet Scoop painted to match wheels
    Bonnet Scoop painted to match wheels
  3. Wheels painted black Java pearl
    Wheels painted black Java pearl
  4. Owner Jason with daughter Libby
    Owner Jason with daughter Libby